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About IST-ID

IST-ID, Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento, is a private not-for-profit institution, which primarily aims at carrying out Science and Technology activities, fostering knowledge transfer and promoting the involvement of national and foreign researchers, both at national and international levels, in RD&I projects in their areas of expertise.

IST- ID was founded on April 18th, 2011. The statutes are available here (Statutes PDF). Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Instituto Superior Técnico (ADIST) are the founder entities of IST-ID.

Social Entities

Last change approved in the General Assembly of February 15th, 2024.

General Assembly Board

  • Prof. Luís Oliveira e Silva (President)
  • Prof. Armando Pombeiro (Secretary)
  • Prof. Fernando Nunes da Silva (Secretary)

Executive Board

  • Prof. Rogério Colaço (President)
  • Doctor Isabel Marques Dias (Vice-President)
  • Prof. Susana Marta Almeida
  • Prof. João Gomes Ferreira
  • Dr. Nuno Pedroso

Scientific Council (

  • Prof. Fátima Montemor (President)
  • Executive Board of the SC
  • Prof.ª Sandra Cabo Verde
  • Prof. Luís Viseu Melo
  • Coordinating Committee of the SC
  • 1. Inherent Members

The inherent members of the Coordinating Committee of the Scientific Council are the diretors (since members of IST-ID Scientific Council) of the following R&D units that have IST-ID as its host institution:

2. Elected members

The number of elected members of IST-ID Coordinating Committee of the Scientific Council correspond to one fifth of the inherent members, but not less than two. In July 2015 this number is four, from the above list

2.1) Elected effective members:
  • António Alberto do Nascimento Pinheiro
  • João Paulo Salgado Arriscado Costeira
  • Benilde de Jesus Vieira Saramago
  • Cláudia Valls Angles
  • Pedro Miguel Félix Brogueira
2.2) Elected alternate members:
  • Duarte Miguel de França Teixeira dos Prazeres
  • Maria Isabel Marques Dias
  • Maria de Fátima Reis Vaz
  • Mónica Duarte Correia de Oliveira

Supervisory Board

  • Prof.ª Ana Paula Ferreira Dias Barbosa Póvoa (President)
  • Prof. Vitor Manuel Azevedo Leitão
  • Crowe & Associados, SROC, Lda., represented by Carla Manuela Serra Geraldes

Data of the Association


General data

  • Acronym: IST-ID
  • Address: Avenida António José de Almeida, n.º 12, 1000-043 Lisboa
  • Headquarters: District: Lisboa
  • Country: Lisboa
  • Parish: Arroios
  • E-mail: geral(at)
  • Legal status: Private not-for-profit association
  • CAE/P: 94995
  • VAT number – 509 830 072